Mavi aims to create sustainable benefits for the community and empower young people through youth-inspired social responsibility initiatives.

Indigo Turtles

Mavi has been supporting the Ecological Research Society (EKAD) since 2014 with the “Indigo Turtles” project, helping to protect endangered sea turtles. The project, which we consider essential for our brand’s Mediterranean identity, contributes to saving 15,000 baby sea turtles every year, and to ensuring continuity of the species Caretta caretta that have made the Mediterranean fauna their home for 110 million years. The Indigo Turtles project, carried out in partnership with Orta Anadolu, resounds both in Turkey and across the world, and is followed by industry publications including Sportswear International, Rivet, Denims and Jeans, Denim Blog, and Jeans Story.

Hundreds of volunteers from Turkish and International universities and colleges, as well as Mavi employees, customers and followers take part in the activities. Volunteers set up camps to help protect the turtle eggs from external stimuli, and ensure that the hatchlings make it to the sea.

One T-shirt saves 10 Sea Turtles Every purchase of a Mavi Indigo Turtle T-shirt safe guards the lives of 10 baby sea turtles!

The proceeds from “Indigo Turtles” t-shirts sold in Turkey as well as in the US and Germany go to EKAD, as Mavi joins forces with environmentally sensitive young people to revive the Mediterranean.

Mavi Scholarship Fund on the 25th Anniversary

“Mavi Scholarship Fund” established as part of the brand’s 25th anniversary celebrations, grants scholarships to 25 female students for the duration of their university education through Türk Eğitim Vakfı (Turkish Educational Foundation – TEV). Aiming to support more young people every year, the project is expanding with the contributions from Mavi employees.

Turkey’s Brands Dress Turkey’s Children

Mavi has been providing clothing support for thousands of children in need every year through the “Turkey’s Brands Dress Turkey’s Children” campaign organized by the United Brands Association of Turkey since 2012.

Full Support for Community Volunteers Foundation

Aiming to launch and implement sustainable social responsibility projects that add value to youth across Turkey, Mavi entered into a partnership with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). As part of this partnership, Mavi has so far supported 36 events with the active involvement of its employees, while 2,413 university students from diverse cultural backgrounds have helped launch numerous projects during Mavi-TOG Atak events. TOG-Atak events, organized by Community Volunteers Foundation all around Turkey within the scope of intercultural learning, help improve the physical conditions in schools, student residences and libraries in dozens of cities. Furthermore, workshops have been held to raise awareness of a range of topics from healthcare and living with disabilities to environment, cultural heritage and law.

The experiences of Community Volunteers during the Mavi-TOG Atak events, and the warmth, energy and interactions of college students during social events were captured by photographer Ahmet Polat in 2008, and those images were displayed in the exhibition “Ways of Youth.”