Turkey’s best-loved lifestyle brand with global recognition for high quality, premium-priced apparel and accessories for women and men, and in particular a world-class reputation for quality denim.

Significant market share and powerful brand recognition in Turkey complemented by sales in 34 international markets in retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels, driving strong financial performance.

Flexible supply chain and locally-sourced products, leveraging 26-year company know-how and Turkey’s textile leadership to respond real-time to international consumer trends, translating into a loyal customer base and endorsements from global celebrities and fashion icons.

Expertise and reputation in denim supported by considerable expansion into other categories.

  • 7.5 million denim items sold worldwide (excluding Russia and Australia) in Fiscal Year 2016.

Offering a Lifestyle Product Portfolio with Significant Growth.

  • 44% denim bottoms / 56% lifestyle

  • 26.4% Denim Bottoms growth (2014-16 CAGR)
  • 26.1% T-shirts growth (2014-16 CAGR)
  • 15.1% Shirts growth (2014-16 CAGR)
  • 43.8% Jackets growth (2014-16 CAGR)
  • 32.3% Accessories growth (2014-16 CAGR)

Total number of 392 mono-brand stores and 5,500 global points of sale.

Retail base in Turkey with 261 mono-brand retail stores, 70 franchise-operated mono-brand retail stores and 436 multi-brand points of sale across the country.

Strong and growing international business, with 61 mono-brand stores and 4,644 total wholesale multi-brand doors across 34 countries, with particular strengths in the US, Canada and Germany and key wholesale partners including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Peek & Cloppenburg.

Large, loyal customer base amongst young and aspirational consumers, with 5.7 million loyalty card members of which approximately 3.9 million are active users for the last two years.

Core segment of customers are young, fashion-conscious men and women under 35, with Turkey’s youthful demographics and increasing spending power of millennials and Mavi’s strong social media reach (3.3 million followers in 2016).

Mavi Key Strengths

Aspirational lifestyle and customer-centric brand with broad appeal and celebrity endorsements

  • Iconic lifestyle brand
  • Young and fashion conscious core customer base
  • 5.7M loyalty cardholders with approximately 3.9M active members in the last two years
  • Strong pricing power in Turkey and internationally
  • Global brand awareness with celebrities and fashion icons as loyal followers

Locally sourced world-class products with well-segmented ranges

  • Well segmented ranges tailored to both women and men
  • Broad product offering across both denim bottoms and lifestyle products
  • “Perfect Fit” product strategy, customized to the taste of local markets
  • Uncompromised quality, using the best fabrics and manufacturing techniques
  • Flexible supply chain able to react real-time to customer trends with a well-balanced core and fashion product portfolio
  • Perfectly positioned at the center of the “Turkish ecosystem”, the top quality global textile market

Outstanding multi-channel execution with robust store economics in retail

  • Strong direct-to-customer platform in Turkey, with 261 retail stores delivering double digit LFL growth per annum over the past 4 years
  • Turkish wholesale with 506 doors across franchises, department stores and corners accounting for 22% of Turkish revenue in 2016A
  • Well invested Turkish E-Commerce platform 27% 2014A-2016A revenue CAGR
  • International footprint of 61 mono-brand stores and 4,644 total wholesale multi-brand doors across 34 countries

Best-in-class communication strategy enhancing brand awareness across channels and geographies

  • Turkey’s best-loved brand and market leader
    1. Unique brand positioning resonating with both women and men
    2. Effective seasonal campaigns with celebrities
    3. Drives traffic through retention and new customer acquisition
    4. Provides platform for strong margins and product differentiation
  • Customer insight and digital lifestyle
    1. Customer data at the core of the brand and product strategy
    2. Understand and live with the younger generation
    3. Exceptional social and online engagement
    4. Global and local influencers to push newness
  • Global appeal and consistent brand expression
    1. Perfect Fit: Denim lifestyle brand offering on-trend, superior quality products at accessible prices
    2. Seasonal campaigns with fashion’s top level faces
    3. Fashion-savvy young adult customer (25-34) focus for women’s and men’s
    4. Creative collaborations differentiate the brand through product innovation